props 750x410 - The 2 Essential Modern Films All Should See

Films are a fantastic medium. They allow stories to be seen and felt on so many different levels. A good movie is something that is timeless and that will transcend genres or categories.

Since films are art, in some way, classifying them as good is somewhat subjective in a sense. There are many different reasons why a film is good. However, there are similar features that shine through.

Let’s take a look at three modern films that all people should see. By modern, we mean something that is in the 21st century. Hit the lights, sit back, and let’s see some of the best films for the Song For Marion team.


Ever since director Christopher Nolan came about, he was always seen as a revolutionary of film. His film concepts and styles of shooting were something that were pushing the boundaries of what could be done in film. One of them is Inception.

When the movie Inception is brought up in a conversation, two critics emerge: one that did not understand it and hated it, and another who thought it was brilliant.

The problem with inception is that its plot is quite complicated. The film centers around Dom (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who is able to navigate in people’s dreams and manipulate or retrieve thoughts. A prior job gone wrong has banned him from his home while also putting a bounty on his head.

icept - The 2 Essential Modern Films All Should See

A wealthy investor Saito (played by Ken Watanabe) provides an opportunity for Dom to get back to his home and children. It is one last job where Dom and his team need to plant an idea in a mark’s brain (this is the act of inception) that will make him dissolve their company.

The mechanics of how the dream world works, and subsequently how dreams within dreams work, are also complicated.

The good thing about Inception though is it complexity. It truly is a marvel in modern filmmaking. The fact that Nolan was able to pull off such a massive storyline is already cause for applause. However, it is what Nolan does in it that is truly remarkable.

In the film, there is one fight scene where Arthur (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) fights an assailant in a room that is rotating. You read that right, the whole room is rotating like a dice thrown on the table.

Rather than just using special effects to simulate this, Nolan and his crew created a rotating room that they filmed. Before that, it was unheard of to do something so wild. It is always good to see a person’ reaction when you say that Gordon-Levitt’s Spider-man-like antics in the film were all him.

Apart from the cinematography though, Nolan’s triumph lies in his emotion. Through everything, Nolan’s Inception is a powerful film that plays on a person’s emotion. We’d recommend everyone to watch it. Several times if that helps.


You ever watch those films that have a character as a child and then a character as an adult? Usually, the filmmakers would use two different actors to do this. It makes sense, because waiting for an actor or actress to get old is just preposterous… right?

Richard Linklater doesn’t think so. Linklater previously directed the “Before” series that followed two characters’ life-changing conversations with each other. Those films were praised with how good the dialogue was, and how it was tied together by just talking.

With Boyhood, Linklater spends twelve years shooting this amazing film. Following just one actor as he grows old, Linklater chronicles the life of a boy turning into a man.

This film brings realism front and center and shows the life and growth of a single person. This film truly is a mirror to a person’s life as people can resonate with how real the characters and their lives are.

There are still so many films out there that you must see. These two are only the tip of the iceberg. We urge you to find more of the best modern films and watch them.

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