artists 750x410 - 2 of the Most Influential Artists Ever in Human History

Much like films, paintings are only as good as the painter or artist that created it. The truly great artists though did more than just create good work. It goes much further than that.

The truly great artists of the world help move art forward and make it evolve into something new.

With that, let’s take a look at two of the most influential artists that the world has ever known.

Leonardo da Vinci

First on our list is Leonardo da Vinci. Of course, da Vinci has to be on the list. This man gave us such iconic paintings such as the Last Supper and even Mona Lisa which is still being talked and speculated about to this very day.

With da Vinci though, it was more than his paintings. It was who he was. For da Vinci, his whole life was sort of an art work. It just like the Renaissance man that also came from da Vinci. This man was a true genius who had so many great ideas in so many different fields.

He was able to create masterpieces in art, in engineering, and even in science. If you could view his life as something that all peoples can aspire to do and achieve, you can say his life was art itself.

painter - 2 of the Most Influential Artists Ever in Human History

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh is so popular that Don McLean made an iconic song about him. However, why was he so popular?

The thing about Van Gogh was he was mentally unstable. People often remember how he cut off his own hear. Sometimes, that’s enough to become legendary.

Van Gogh saw the world a different way. Literally. He travelled the country in order to find new mediums and lights to show the world his points of view. He tried to make us understand what he saw. His paintings had trademark thick strokes with various colors bunched together.

One example is his famous painting Starry Night. At the time, no one had ever painted something in quite the same style with swirling colors blending together. It was almost maddening in its beauty.

There is tragedy behind Van Gogh’s popularity. See, he was a painter and a man outside of his time. In his own lifetime, no one would appreciate the art in his work. It was not until he died and many years later that his work was heralded as iconic pieces which would serve to inspire a whole generation.

The Song for Marion team urges you to go to a museum or a to your library and discover more of the influential artists that helped shape the world of art.

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