painting 750x410 - 2 Extraordinarily Expensive Paintings

Art is important. Why is it important? There are a number of answers to this question.

For one, art conveys meaning, ideas, and emotion to people. It allows people to feel or see something they have never seen before (or perhaps see a certain object in a new light) that allows to question or think about something new.

Now money is not really a well-used metric when people talk about the importance of specific art works. However, sometimes, there are some art pieces that sell for millions of dollars. We think it is safe to say that in some cases, the money can certainly indicate the importance of a piece of art.

Here are two pieces of art with exorbitant prices that you wouldn’t believe.

Jackson Pollock’s No. 5

Jackson Pollock was a painter from America. He was a key figure in the abstract expressionist art movement. The style of painting where paint drips on the canvas is attributed to Pollock.

The first art piece on this list is a drip painting by Pollock actually. It is called No. 5, 1948. If you do see it, it is a jumble of colors and lines, as if a person took paint on a brush and threw it around. It is one of those paintings that people see and go, “I could have done that.”

The fact that people could emulate a similar piece on an 8 by 5 board could or could not be true.

painting in the wall - 2 Extraordinarily Expensive Paintings

What they cannot replicate though is the fact that this piece was created by one of the fathers of the abstract expressionist movement. For this, it is already significant. The Song for Marion team sure wouldn’t mind having one of these at the office.

This painting was initially sold for almost $150 million in 2006. Despite its random art style, it has a place in art history as a symbol of the evolving art form and style.

Pollock has other pieces that sell for even higher prices. No. 17A, 1948 is much like No.5. At first glance, the painting is an explosion of colors. However, upon closer look, several layers of color are present in the painting.

This specific piece sold for $200 million. However, it is only the fourth highest priced piece of art ever purchased throughout history.

leonardo - 2 Extraordinarily Expensive Paintings

Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi

Translated as “Savior of the World”, Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi is in fact the most expensive painting sold in history.

The painting itself depicts Jesus in robes presenting benediction. The Jesus in the painting looks directly outside of the canvas, as if he were locking eyes with a viewer. His right hand has two fingers up in a peace sign and his left hand holds a crystal ball.

This piece is the last of da Vinci and is considered a treasure amongst artists and enthusiasts alike.

Its price is at $450,300,000.

While money is no indicator of art’s success and importance, it is sometimes a good indicator. There are many other expensive paintings out there in the world.

The least that these prices do is hold a lens to the piece of work. This way, we can look at it, try and appreciate it, and see what beauties and truths it holds for us.

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