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Despite our own enthusiasm, candor, and opinions on art, most times it is always a good idea to get information and details from other people. One good way to go by this is by checking out some blogs.

These days, making a blog is easy. While there are bloggers you should definitely stay away from, once in a while, there come blogs that you should definitely follow. Blogs allow us a look into another person’s experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

Let’s take a look at several different art blogs that you should definitely consider following.

The Jealous Curator

The Jealous Curator is an art blog that is almost 10 years old. The curator, Danielle Krysa, is very candid and honest about why she made the blog. As the name suggests, with this blog she posts art works that make her jealous. At least at the start.

Krysa said that she was jealous about the success, status, and talent of these people she was posting about. She goes on to say that she took these as inspiration to start working and strive for them. Now, she keeps the blog as a way to showcase new and young talent that she likes.

The blog mostly just has a lot of photos of art works that you can see. Not much in terms of words, but that is alright. The art, and your reaction to it, speaks for itself.

Apart from this blog though, Krysa also has a podcast that you can check out. It is called Art for your Ear. In it, they talk about recent rumblings and stories from the intriguing people in the art world. It covers a whole range of topics that an art enthusiast would live.

At the time of writing, the podcast is now up to 141 episodes.

Eye Level

The Eye Level blog is the official blog for the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM). The SAAM is an amazing collection of art in America throughout at least three centuries.

With the use of the blog, several stories happening behind and beyond the curtains of SAAM are showcased and talked about.

For instance, one of their recent posts is about how a member of the museum went to Burning Man. The writer recounts the trip and basically talks about what he did throughout the trip.

Then, he begins to describe what he saw throughout the trip. He described his trip as a road trip and a trip for work as well due to the many art works he saw around. Unbeknownst to many, the sprawling landscape of Burning Man was very apt for artwork in SAAM.

Most of the entries are like that. They intertwine personal experiences and the current events with art. However, there are also other blog posts that turn their artistic to eye to classic paintings or artworks.

Daily Campello Art News

The final blog we’ll be covering is the Daily Campello Art News. It is a recount of any interesting tidbits and events in the art world. These include new artists and artworks, the current price hikes in art schools, art exhibits and festivals, and even contests.

These are only a few blogs that you can subscribe to. If you are interested in finding more, you can check art Biz Blog, The Abundant Artist, and EmptyEasel.