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Art. This one specific topic is expansive these days. Due to this expansiveness, it seems that people can often be perceived as being pretentious.

The notion that art can be anything is an endearing notion. However, it is also a dangerous one since people can just fool people with eloquence and lofty ideals that blanket what it really is.

We suppose this all boils down to the question of what art is. In an effort to not have a really long article, we’ll skip this question for now. Not doing so would have us writing several pages on the subject and eventually causing a riotous debate.

However, one important thing that readers should realize is that art – good art at that – has the capacity to move people to action. It makes people feel something. Be inspired.

This effect of art is exactly what Song For Marion is all about. We aim to cover several facets of art and movies. Through the articles that we write, we cover certain topics such as the best modern movies, best classic movies, movies from specific directors, iconic art works, and even bad art that is so good.

Song For Marion is committed to exposing people to these different pieces of art or films. It is our hope that people use these paintings, sculptures, television shows, and films to inspire them and more importantly, to make them think critically about the things in their lives.

We also hope that what we present will help people think about what art really is and contribute to the discussion in a constructive way.

Art has been with us for years and years. From a caveman’s crude paintings in their dwellings to the films and paintings presented to us today. It will continue to be a large part of humanity.